Year 7 student earns Headteacher’s Award for charity work

Year 7 student Simeon Matthews has become the latest recipient of the De Aston School Headteacher’s Award.

Throughout lockdown Simeon has volunteered at His Church, a local charity which sources and sends out food parcels all over the country.

Headteacher Simon Porter was suitably impressed with Simeon’s efforts and handed out the award in recognition of his contribution to the local community during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Simeon has volunteered at His Church most days throughout lockdown, and was even interviewed by BBC Radio Lincolnshire.

He spends his time at the charity helping to put together food boxes for those in need and loading them onto trucks ready to be distributed.

Simeon’s mother Ruth Matthews said: “It’s been great for Simeon to be part of something that is really making a difference. The whole church is just thrilled with Simeon’s award!”


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