Sixth Form students undertake Wellbeing Ambassador training

Wellbeing ambassadors at De Aston School

Sixth Form students from De Aston School undertook Wellbeing Ambassador training on Friday to help provide support to Year 7 students.

The ambassadors will act as friends, coaches, role models and advisers to the younger students, with one-to-one meetings taking place around twice a week to check on their wellbeing.

Each ambassador will complete a discussion sheet and highlight any concerns at a monthly progress group. Concerns will be talked through with the School to highlight next steps for the pupil.

Ruth Race, Transition Co-ordinator at De Aston School, explains what she hopes the project will achieve:

“The hope is that we will be able to provide support to our younger students to help them cope with the move to secondary school.

“It will also allow our Sixth Form students to develop skills to support their peers, and provide them with valuable experience for their future lives, as many of them are hoping to work with children after finishing their education.”

As part of the training, the new ambassadors had the opportunity to gain insight into the prevalence of mental health issues among young people and how peer support can help.

They also looked at ways to reduce mental health stigma within the School and raise awareness on how to access mental health support, discovered practical strategies to manage stress, and explored coping strategies and ways to cultivate positive coping among their peers.

The training also discussed responsibilities and boundaries, including safeguarding, to ensure the Wellbeing Ambassadors are aware of what they can do to effectively support their peers while maintaining their own levels of wellbeing.

Sixth Form students at De Aston have the opportunity to take part in a number of different activities to help prepare for their next steps. Applications are still open to apply for a place in Sixth Form starting September 2020. Find out more and apply now by visiting our website.

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