De Aston students go green in stock market competition

Sixth form Economics students from De Aston School.

Sixth form Economics students from De Aston School have invested in green energy in the Shares4Schools competition.

Shares4Schools aims to bring Economics and Business studies to life by allowing Year 12 students to invest real money into the stock market. It provides the opportunity to build upon their financial knowledge as they learn about the stock market.

Organised by The Share Centre, a leading retail stockbroker, each team in the competition starts with an investment pot of £2,000, with the aim of achieving the greatest profit over the period November 2019 to June 2020. 

The De Aston team is made up of Year 12 Economics students Levi Coney, Ciaran Gasper, Sancho Jackson, Jacob Kendrick, Reuel Oniru, Shania Russell and James Woodthorpe.

With the help of their teacher, Mr Haigh, the students are learning about the stock market in their Economics classes and making group decisions on which companies to invest in.

The group’s first investment was in AFC Energy, a company specialising in using hydrogen for electricity production, particularly for electric car batteries. The students thought the growing green energy sector was a good option to invest in.

After the first month of trading the De Aston team lie third overall in the UK, with their investment pot standing at 3.8% growth at the time of going to press.

For student Sancho Jackson, the scheme is proving to be an invaluable learning opportunity:

“We are learning to be patient with our investments and to have composure. Timing is everything.”

Sixth form students at De Aston regularly take part in a range of extra-curricular activities. To find out more and to start your journey, visit our website.

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